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Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) offers an eight month Non-Residential Weekend Program followed by a One Week Residential Immersion.

Above is a slideshow of some of our Yoga Teacher Trainings in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada - some browsers might not be able to show it, but Firefox can.

AYTT is a well-grounded program that is natural to the region.

We offer a unique training known as meditation-in-motion which both includes and goes beyond the physical and relaxation benefits of yoga, to infuse the practice with a depth of spiritual and energetic experience that has the power to deepen consciousness and transform lives.

The program offers a mindful and heart-based approach to its curriculum which lays down a suitable foundation for teaching yoga to EVERYbody.

AYTT is the longest-running program of its kind in Atlantic Canada and begins its 15th year of operation in September 2014.

AYTT has high standards. Our local staff are some of the most senior teachers in Atlantic Canada, who have studied intensively over many years with a variety of the yoga world’s leading teachers.

All weekend gatherings will be held at The Fall River Yoga Centre, 1397 Fall River Road, Fall River, Nova Scotia B2T 1E5

Our Next Trainings

The next 200 hour Weekend Training dates for 2014-2015:
Sept 26-28
Oct 17-19
Nov 14-16
Dec 5-7
During Jan and Feb there is practice teaching, studies, yoga practice and reading
Mar 27-29
Apr 17-19
May 15-17
June 12-14
July 3-10 (week-long immersion camp)

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For more information contact Linda Wallace
by e-mail: meadowsweet@eastlink.ca or by phone: (902) 466-7642

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